The HiPriv’s four pillars: high privacy, service isolation, free license and free software development

Hi all and welcome to HiPriv!
I’m Natália, from Coimbra, and with two good friends, Pedro Silva e Alexandre Costa, we are just starting this new project called HiPriv.
Our background is computer science and technology for more than 25 years. During all those years of work, we have learned and realized critical things about web services, users, platforms, availability, reliability, privacy, and so on. Now, we decided to launch our own project, addressing all those learned things.
We use to say, that we are “walking” in the opposite direction.
By opposite direction we mean doing things in a totally different way. For example, in these days we use to ear about cyber attacks and private data made public, or a specific service going down and taking all the company services down too. Due to those and many other “insights”, HiPriv relies on four pillars:

1. High Privacy
2. Isolated Services
3. Fully functional free licenses
4. Service implementation for free

These pillars have a big positive impact both inside HiPriv but mainly to our users. More specifically, i) there will not be any chance of user’s data leakage, ii) if the HiPriv website becomes compromised user subscribed services will keep running (user subscribed services are separated from the main domain, even the same service subscribed in different licenses run in separated contexts), iii) every available service is offered in the free and full functional license and iv) all requests for new service development are done for free, also respecting the 3rd pillar.

By the way, the project’s name “HiPriv” comes from the words “High Privacy”.

See you.