Frequently Asked Questions


Yes. All our services (and future ones) are offered (also) in the free license and the free license offers the full functionality, always.
N-version license type means that the service is running in multiple servers spread around the world and the running software is different from server to server. This approach greatly reduces the probability of identical software faults occurring in two or more versions of the server, hence improving reliability in terms of fault tolerance or redundancy.
Yes. If you do not find the service you are looking for you can request it for free. For free means that the service will be developed by us and will be offered (also) in the free license type.
HiPriv ensure maximum privacy to the users. On the one hand, we will never require (and store) any personal data. We only request a phone number. On the other hand, even the (unnamed) phone number is strictly protected in terms of hacking attacks because our servers do not rely on Internet connections).
No. HiPriv is taking the first steps and right now, we are focusing on SMS-based digital services. In the near future, we will provide digital services from other domains, always offering maximum privacy. If you are looking from a service in a different domain, please, request it from us, for free.

Website or API Down Checker:

The delay is 4 minutes (5 minutes for free licenses). Imagine you have subscribed the Website or API Down Checker service. If the same website goes down and stays down for a long time, HiPriv will alert you from four to four minutes while the website is down (or until zero SMS balance).
No. SMS balance is not carryover to the next month both for free or non-free licenses.
Every time an SMS is sent, the SMS message ends with (x/y). X is the number of SMS already sent (for that subscription) in the current month and y is the maximum SMS allowed to be sent in the current month.
Licenses are per single subscription. If the same phone number (e.g. user) subscribes multiple free licenses for website monitoring service, each subscription gets assigned with 5 SMS per month. On the other hand, if the same user subscribes the non-free licence for website monitoring service, for two different addresses, then user must pay per each subscription (or go back to the free license).
Yes. We call it refill. At any moment in time, you can refill the SMS balance of a specific subscription. It has a cost of 10.00 Euro and allows you to get the maximum allowed SMS for the license in use. Hence, in the free license you get 5 SMS available again, in the More SMS license you get 50 SMS available again and in the N-version license you get 150 SMS available for each server in each location.
No. Each N-Version server (for each location) gets 150 SMS for the month. If you decided to refill SMS balance for 10.00 Euro, each server are allowed to send 150 SMS, again.
You get the maximum allowed number of SMS messages for the selected license. Image you have subscribed the Website or API Down Checker service for the More SMS license type. If this subscription have say a 3 SMS (current) balance and if you refill it for 10.00 Euro, you get 50 SMS final balance (again) and not 53. This applies to all types of licenses. The idea behind if "refill" and not to acquire a specific number of SMS.

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